A Speech on Women Empowerment-500+Words

A Speech on Women Empowerment for Students and Children

Let’s start the speech on women empowerment…

Good morning respected Principal, teachers, and all my dear friends present here. Today I would like to share my thoughts on an important topic of women empowerment.

First of all, let us know the meaning of womens empowerment.

I have a notion that woman empowerment is referred to as the words which make her empower so that they can take their own decision and have equal rights in family and society.

They should have equal rights to education, career choice, and the right to live.

There should not be gender discrimination in the field of jobs. They should no longer be dominated by men and they are compelled to live abusive marriage lives.

Women’s empowerments have a great part to play in the development of any country, as the mental and physical contact of women with lives is much more lasting and comprehensive than men.

Their efforts and role in building a nation’s development have proved that women are in no way inferior to men. The empowerment of women particularly in rural areas is essential today.

In olden times women in India had the place of slaves. They are considered weaker in society. They have been suffered a lot of trouble in ancient times and oppressed by a male-dominated society.

They were restricted to go out for education and jobs. The girls were taught to obey their husbands blindly after their marriage.

Today, India is changing rapidly as the fast-growing country in the world. Free India is passing through many changes. Social changes are visible everywhere. There are a lot of women whose contribution to the service of the nation is great.

They have skills extremely talented and multitask but have no recognition in society. Their life is very hard as they play the role of the mother, wife, homemaker, teacher, friend, nurse, etc.

The women who are in the job also have responsibilities to fulfill the job as well as responsibilities of managing their home and family.

Despite having multitalented skills, women are still treated as inferior to men.

There are still many social evils like illiteracy among women, domestic violence, dowry, infanticide of a female child, and elimination of a girl’s fetus which are required to be fully rooted out.a speech on women empowerment The challenges grow manifold when we talk about specifically underprivileged girls. In addition to financial constraints and gender discrimination, adolescent girls particularly in rural areas drop out of school and it ends up their empowerment.

She is compelled in doing household chores.

Now it is high time that society changes its attitude toward women. We need to develop a society. Each and every girl must have the right to education, proper nutrition, and good health facilities.

It is education that can play an important role in women’s empowerment. An educated woman is an asset to the country and forms the cornerstone of nation-building.

The women must be treated at par with their male counterparts. There should be strict laws to check the rising crime against women.

It needs to ensure that these laws are implemented strictly and crimes against women are completely rooted out.

Their contribution in their respective fields needs to be acknowledged and applauded.

Women should get the freedom to make their own decisions. These changes have raised the position of women in society.

It can be said with a sense of pride and confidence that the future of women in India is quite bright and that our prosperity will be safe in their hands.

Thus, women’s empowerment is necessary today to make women’s participation in nation-building at the grassroots level.

I hope you loved the speech on womens empowerment.

Thank you,

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