A Visit To Zoo Essay-500+Words

A visit to Zoo is very educative and informative. A visit to zoo essay helps people to learn the living styles of animals and birds without visiting their natural habitats.

A Visit to Zoo Essay for Students and Children


A zoo is a place where all kinds of animals, birds, fishes, and other creatures are kept and well protected. A visit to Zoo increases our general knowledge and at the same time, we also get entertainment.

A zoo is only a place where we can see all varieties of animals and birds in one place that exists in the whole world.

A visit to Zoo is fully enjoyable ever. People get a chance to see these creatures of God. People, especially children are always eager to visit Zoo.

My visit to Zoo

Last year, I experienced a pleasant visit to the zoo in Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan, Patna. It is located on Bailey Road. This zoo is located side of the main road. There are big areas of forest in natural surroundings.

I visited there with the children. After buying tickets we entered the zoo through the main gate. It is always crowded with thousands of people and children every day there.

Some people with their families come here to have a picnic. Some Sportspersons come here to play Golf games here. Some come here to capture pictures of the natural habitats and some come alone after feeling bored at their home.

It is a beautiful and natural place consisting of many kinds of trees. It covers 152.95 acres of land with more than 800 animals of about 110 species. Also, this Zoo consists of trees (300 species), Fish (35 species), and snakes (05 species)

Different kinds of creatures

There are many animals and birds of different kinds in different countries of the world. There is a number of trees of different species which makes the scene more attractive. There we saw beautiful birds multicolored.

Some birds were singing, chirping, and whistling. We were convivial to see them. Ongoing next, we saw different kinds of Monkeys and Gorillas. They were swinging and jumping on trees. The children along us were very delighted to see all their activities.

Ongoing ahead, we saw animals including Tigers, Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs. They were kept there in separate big cages with great care. They were walking to and fro in their cage.

There we also saw the Deer and Indian rhinoceros. The rhinoceros is a big animal thick-skinned with one or two upright horns on the snout.

There were also many Elephants, Chimpanzees, Giraffes, Himalayan black bears, Zebra, Hippopotamus, Emus, White Peacocks, Crocodiles, and Gharial in the zoo. Chimpanzees were showing various kinds of tricks and we all enjoyed their acrobatics.a visit to zoo essay Ongoing ahead, there were small houses surrounded by a thin net. Inside it, I saw a large number of snakes of all sizes and colors. There were snakes called pythons. They seemed too huge weighted and size.

Our next halt was an aquarium in which different colors of fish were kept there. Also, large numbers of aquatic birds were kept there. On moving next, the other attractions of the zoo were hares, antelopes, and rabbits.

The best area which I liked the most

As we visited the entire area covered by the zoo. But the best area I liked was the natural habitat created for lions and tigers. They all were seen as terrifying but attractive. There had been made a huge den-like home in a deep cave in huge rocks. There all were freely moving.a visit to zoo essay There was also a huge pond filled with water for the Lions and Tigers to drink water near their den. The atmosphere was created just like the jungle. All that area in Zoo was giving us a clear picture of what a jungle is and we also find it easy of their living style in the jungle.


The birds and animals in the zoo influenced me a lot. It was very educative and informative. A visit to the zoo helps us to learn so much without visiting the natural habitats of animals and birds.

I hope guys you like this on a visit to Zoo essay

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