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About My Village Essay-1000+Words

About My Village Essay for Students and Children

About My Village Essay

My Village Essay

India is a vast democratic country situated in the southern part of Asia. According to the unique identification of Aadhaar India (Aadhar Card) was updated in Dec. 2020, India’s population was estimated up to 140 crores. About 80% of the people of India live in villages. Their main occupation is farming.

Our India is also called a country of farmers because they are the main source of the nation’s agricultural production. Villages are the backbone of the Indian economy as the agricultures are most prevalent in the villages of our country India.

People in villages depend on the land for their food. Villages are the main source of food and agriculture that depends mostly on farms. People in villages work hard on their farms and are dedicated to their work. Peace and harmony are more fully seen in villages than in the urban area. They come together in each situation whether in sorrow or happiness and have a very helping nature.

Villages are full of nature and beauty

A village is a place that mostly resides far away from pollution and the hustle and bustle of noise. We can see the beauty of nature only in the village.

The beauty of nature could be seen in villages as these are surrounded by trees, plants, rivers, farmlands, and flowers, and some villages are also surrounded by mountains and streams in hilly areas. These are covered with green grasslands

There is no pollution in the village and one can feel the freshness in the breeze. The melodious sound of birds adds to the beauty of nature. All these give pleasure to the people of the village. Thus one can feel the connection with the soil in the village.

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Importance of village

India is a land of villages. Most parts of the country depend on agriculture. They contribute a lot to the growth and development of our country. That is why it is known as a country of farmers. Moreover, villages are covered with trees and plants.

They are seen as fully covered with green grassland. These give us fresh and pollution-free air. These also provide shelter to animals. These play major roles in ecological balance in the environment. Therefore if we want to improve the ecological condition of the environment and grow economic development in our country, we should improve the condition of villages.

There are some important things on which government and every citizen of the country need to care:-

Education:-Most of the villagers are unknown of the importance of education. As a citizen of the country, we should make aware of and importance of it.

Medical arrangements: – In some rural areas of villages there is are lack of health centers. There needs to improve and increase the health center facilities.

Sanitation: – In a remote area, villagers do not care about the cleanliness of houses, roads, and themselves. These create diseases. They should drink pure water.

Also, the New establishment of a cottage industry; the cotton industry should be opened in every village, so that people of villages may get a job besides farming.

Life in village

People in villages live a simple life. A village is called a rural area because it does not have modern facilities much like in cities. The main occupation of villagers is farming. They mostly depend on agriculture. Life in metro cities and metropolises can be glaring and exciting because all facilities are available there. But they cannot enjoy the gift of nature like the people of villages.

Life in Rural villages and the countryside radiates an entirely different vibe from the city. People of villages are rich in their cultural traditions and maintain yet now. People from villages could enjoy the natural beauty. They breathe fresh air and take a simple diet which keeps them physically fit. Their life is full of contentment and happiness as they are far away from the rush like in city life.

In a village, People live in peace and harmony and are of helpful nature. They cooperate with each other. The farmers are very hard workers and work in the open fields till it is almost dark.

However, in some remote areas of the village, they are deprived of some basic facilities like clean drinking water, a health center, proper education, electricity, a school, and proper sanitization.

But in some villages where these facilities are yet unavailable, people are compelled to live in poverty life. Poverties are easily seen there. Panchayati Raj system still prevails in villages and they monitor all activities.

Villagers are very superstitious. It makes them backward as compared to people in the city. The government should more care of it and should give them basic facilities.

Education is the main problem as schools are a far distance from villages, due to which most people could not send their children to schools. However modern India is trying to improve all these lacking.

However, it is improving day by day as people in remote areas of the village are more connected to city life and understand the importance of all these. These make their awareness.

Today, mobile phones are playing a crucial to make them aware. The government of India is emphasizing digital schemes. So, they easily get benefits from the government’s policies and schemes. Farmers are getting more benefits from it.

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About my village

I am from Darbhanga City which falls in Bihar. It is a district of Bihar. I live in a village named Dagarsham. My village is a big village, but it is divided into two parts. One is called East Tola and another is West Tola. I live in West Tola. I was born in a village and live there since childhood. It has a very small population with about 60 houses. The population is nearly about 350 people. It is 12 km away from the city of Darbhanga.

The road that leads to the village has a paved road. There is a small chowk named Saini Chowk from where we get off the bus or small vans. There are many trees on either side of the road. That consists mostly of mango trees and others. In my village, there is a high school on the bank of a small pond. Also, there is an Aangan Bari Kendra near the school.

All the small children go to the Aangan Bari center to get benefits from government schemes. We go to school daily with my friends. There are many acres of green fields around the school as far as the eyes could see. We play with our friends on green grassland. We enjoy seeing green farms.

about my village essayMy village is a fertile land area and the main occupation of people is farming. They work on their farm throughout the day. They all live a happy life. As my village is not far away from the city, all facility is available in my village. Farmers get updated from time to time on the government’s schemes. They farm their land and get good crops. But one of the main problems that arise there is floods problems. Every year floods destroy paddy crops.

Farmers get disappointed to see their crops destroyed by floods. Government should take care of it and interconnect all dams. It will help in controlling floods by diverting water through links to water deficit areas. Moreover, it will boost crop output and farm income. However, farmers in our village get sufficient crops.

One interesting thing is that all people send their children to school. Every festival is celebrated by people together with great joy and happiness. Dussehra, Diwali, Holi, and Chhat festivals are important festivals. Chhath festival is the main festival of Bihar. So every people welcome this festival with great reverence.


We cannot ignore the importance of the village to the growth of our nation. My village is a part of all villages in India which developing. Basic facilities are available there. But still, I want the government to come forward and uplift education and medical facility so that people could get more benefits.

In my village, every people live in peace and harmony. People there cooperate with each other and live friendly. They live happy and prosperous life as compared to urban areas.

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