An Essay on Mobile Phone-1000+Words

Today the mobile phone has become an inevitable part of our life. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of the mobile phone through an essay on mobile phone.

An Essay on Mobile Phone for Students and Children

An Essay on mobile phone

Outlines of this essay:-

  • Introduction
  • History of mobile phone·
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion


A mobile phone is an electronic wireless and portable scientific device, which is often called a “cellular phone” or “Smartphone”. Earlier it was used for voice calls and also for sending and receiving messages.
But now everything is possible through a mobile phone.

Now it is used for different purposes like – voice calling, video chatting, text messaging or SMS, multimedia messaging, internet browsing, email, video games, and photography. The present technological advancement of mobile phones made our lives easy and more comfortable.

Mobile phones are playing a crucial role in the era of technical advancement. Now, we are becoming more and more dependent on mobile due to their numerous uses such as communication, calling emailing or texting, and even online shopping and many others.

History of mobile phone

Mobile phones were invented as early as 1940. On 3 April 1973, Martin Cooper of Motorola employee made the first handset mobile phone weighing 1.1 kg. In 1983, Motorola first produced a commercially handheld mobile phone (Dyna TAC 800x).essay on mobile phone These early mobile phones are referred to as zero-generation mobile phones or 0G. After that several other companies started to produce mobile phones. Now it is available as 3G or4G technology.

Today mobile phones are available in various shapes and sizes having different technical specifications. With the advent of smartphones, it has now got a new meaning. The mobile phone has become the lifeline of communication in today’s time.

So they do not only a means of communication but are also a source of information and entertainment. Life without a mobile phone seems to be quite impossible these days.


Mobile phones are used for a variety of purposes, such as keeping in touch with people, conducting business, and in order to have access to calls in the event of an emergency.

Moreover, people may use it for playing games, listening to music, watching movies, internet surfing, mobile banking, etc.

There are some advantages of mobile phones:-


Quick messaging services help to connect with each other as and when required. Now through apps, we can be connected to our relatives and friends at any time.

It is a big support for people who are living away from their families. They can have video calls with their families as many times as they want to talk to them in a day.


The mobile phone has become an integral part of our lives. It is seen that people are completely reliant on mobile phones. Today, it has become a part of Communication. We can share or exchange information, ideas feelings by using it. Along with it the weather updates, we can book a cab and many more living in our home.

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Entertainment, shopping

Whenever we get bored we can listen to music, watch movies, watch our favorite shows or just watch a video of one’s favorite song. One can set alarms and reminders, schedule meetings, and have video conferences via mobile.

Besides, a large number of apps help us to do online shopping, get food delivered at home or office, help to take care of our health, read books, get information, and more.

Mobile banking

Nowadays using mobile banking applications on smartphones, you can easily transfer money to your friends, and relatives and check the transaction history. So it is quite efficient and saves a lot of your valuable time.


Lower the efficiency

In a way, mobile phones have become a constant source of interruption in our lives. Whether it is a family gets together, or any professional meeting, our mobile phone can ring anywhere and anytime.

These regular interruptions lead to deviating attention and an individual cannot give his best to a single activity. This annoys other people and losses the efficiency of the individuals.

Creating distance

As mobile phone helps to connect people and communicate with each other, the irony here is that it has created more distances between family members, relatives, and other people.

Now the time has gone when the family member used to sit together for dinner and strictly used to be family time. Today they spend more time on instant messaging and social media applications.

Some people become completely disinterested in spending time with their families, relatives, and other people. They always get into using mobile. So, it creates distance.

Time waste and wastage a lot of Money

Today Smartphone has become very popular. Mobile phones have become so much necessary that human beings have become over-dependent on them. People are now addicted to their phones, be it surfing the internet, playing games, or social media.

People are now spending more money to buy phones instead of spending money on something useful. So they waste their valuable time and precious money.

Children, teenagers, and youth are badly affected

Children are spending hours on their mobile phones playing games. This also plays havoc with their mental and physical growth.

A large section of teenagers and young have fallen victim to using mobile phones, they can easily access to wrong sites, ultimately which creates a bad effect on their young minds.

Badly affects on health

Health is affected due to much use of mobile phones. Excessive use of mobile phones leads to migraines, weak eyesight, sleeplessness, and cardiac problems in extreme cases.

According to Recent research, radiation from lithium which is contained in mobile phone batteries can produce brain cancer and tumors. Also, mental illness, such as memory loss and sleep problems could be caused by excessive use of mobile phones.

Extinction of birds

Research has established that the effect of Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by mobile phones kills birds, and damages bird eggs and embryos. A number of sparrows and many small species of birds are nearly extinct in the world which is really alarming.

Possibility of accidents

Apart from this, as mobile is a source of constant communication, often people are on phones while they are walking on streets or driving vehicles. These lead to major road accidents.


Aforementioned advantages and disadvantages we cannot deny that mobile phones are a great invention and almost a perfect technology. Mobile phones have produced a great level of convenience and safety for those who use them properly. Overutilization of any resources is harmful.

Now the mobile phone has become an amazing tool. Their demands are increasing day by day. But on the other side, it has become a cause of unnecessary use. Some persons especially youths and kids have become addicted.

We all must understand the importance of mobile phones and use them in the proper way to get maximum benefits.

I hope guys, you love to read the essay on mobile phones and gain knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of it.

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