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Essay About Knowledge is Power for Students and Children

Essay about Knowledge is Power


One of the most powerful things in the world is knowledge because it can take a person on the path of good or evil. It is the state of awareness and understanding.

It is the tool by which we can assess ourselves and others. It distinguishes the difference between humans and animals.

By gaining knowledge, one can survive well on earth and could get respect everywhere. But, only gaining knowledge is not important, the important thing is how much one can implement appropriately depending on the situations and places.

Gaining better knowledge is not only helpful to individuals but also one can help others with their intelligent knowledge.

What is knowledge?

Knowledge can be defined as one of the most powerful qualities that refer to the facts, information, perspective, description, and skills gained.

essay about knowledge is power

A person gains it in several ways such as from facts or information obtained, the wisdom acquired through formal and informal education, from life’s experiences, and by enhancement of description and skill.

Moreover, One can also get enormous knowledge by learning something. So never stop learning.

Source of Knowledge


Education plays an important role in an individual making a rational decision. It empowers a person. Education is the storage of untapped potential and talent.

It helps an individual to make the best use of his/her talent and capabilities. It enhances the knowledge of an individual that helps an individual to apply it to his/her daily life.


Information is one of the best things through which a person gains knowledge. Today social media is the best platform with which an individual could acquire knowledge. The information through the media reaches door to door and hence one could present a factual and authentic picture of any incident.

Several media like Television, Mobile Phone, Radio, Newspapers; Facebook, Twitter, etc. play a significant role in the information of outlooks and opinions of the general public.

Life’s experience

We can gain knowledge through our life experiences. In the journey of life, everyone has to face struggles facing ups and downs. Obstacles and hardship are bound to be there in one’s life, but what is important is how one can tackle the situation.

The knowledge that a person gains through failure makes him/her stronger. They bounce back with a rejuvenated spirit.

Also, success makes an individual about the experience of life.

Enhancement of skills

People could gain knowledge through the enhancement of skills. Everyone has some skill through which they can perform better in their respective areas.

The more they enhance their skill the more they acquire knowledge.

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Importance of Knowledge

Knowledge is a broad concept that has no end. A person having knowledge of any field is good in communication, logic, perception, and cognitive processes.

It refers to awareness or understanding and learning specific information about something. It helps an individual to make rational decisions based on his/her everyday situations, awareness, and understanding.

Everything that we use easily and conveniently, all are through having good knowledge. It helps one’s maturity and perfection in their work like riding Vehicles, playing Piano, solving Puzzles, etc.

Today the world needs power and education because a country’s growth and development are not through harmful weapons and armory but with the number of knowledgeable and educated people.

If one uses their knowledge wisely, it can bring happiness to mankind around them. It leads to wisdom, respect, and consequently results.

However, for surviving on earth money and strength is essential things of power, but it cannot buy or steal knowledge. So knowledge dominates overall tools of power. It can only be achieved only through devotion, patience, and continuous practice.

The output of knowledge acquired

The output of knowledge generates confidence, initiative, mastery, and satisfaction in an individual. It gives one the power to organize in the right direction. So, indeed knowledge is a powerful tool for anyone. Acquiring knowledge means a person obtains a vision of truth and acceptance.

A knowledgeable person gets perfection in work by obtaining resources of informative and useful data. It makes a person well-informed and makes rational decisions.

It can be used for personal growth as well as the growth of the community, state, and nation.

A person can use knowledge as the source of power for positive well-being as well as negative purposes. It depends on the human and how he/she uses it. Thus it gives the power humans to create or destroy at the same time.

Some people use the output of knowledge to give benefits to others and societies, while some use it negatively, leading to harm to an individual or society as a whole. It is not the real power of knowledge. So, it is the responsibility of an individual to understand the importance and output of knowledge.

Every educated person is not known as knowledgeable but every knowledgeable person is educated, this statement seems weird but it’s true. As, only some people understand the real importance of it and implement it wisely, which leads to goodness too in an individual, community, and nation

Some different things about knowledge

There are many people around the world who are well-educated but still don’t know what they studied. It is the essential tool through which one can bring positive changes in society or a country.

A knowledgeable person is the richest. The great thing about it which makes it different from others is that it cannot be stolen. It is something that increases the more you share it. Sharing knowledge helps one to increase knowledge. It also helps one to communicate with others.

When you discuss certain topics with your family, and friends, younger, or elder you take and give knowledge. It makes you perfect in the related field. It also helps to boost your communication skills which leads to your personal growth and learning more to clear your doubts.

The important thing like power and money on which one feel proud can be deprived anytime. But a knowledgeable person is the real richest person because it cannot be stolen.

Benefits of Knowledge

  • It holds the potential to solve the difficulty in your life which makes you stronger.
  • It helps you to be wise which helps to solve the problems in your life and make life-changing decisions.
  • A knowledgeable person is courageous and uses their Brain and wisdom to work.
  • It is great fame that helps an individual to get easy access to success, name, fame position, and real power in life.
  • A person acquired knowledge if implemented appropriately, then it helps others to bloom and helps to bring prosperity and happiness to the whole community or nation.
  • It helps one keep away from all social evils like domestic violence, corruption, community violence, and others.
  • It impacts and influences your growth and relationship with work and life.
  • All the countries are technologically advanced and use advanced machinery and tools as a result of knowledge.


Knowledge is the pillar of success in our life. It gives us perfection, maturity, confidence, and courage in related areas. It helps to convert our idea into reality which becomes the goals that we desire. Along with power, it helps to think and analyze something. Knowledge teaches us to be humble and compassionate.

A person with having humble and compassionate nature can maintain harmony in society and nation which could bring happiness and prosperity all around them. This is the only real power of knowledge. One should have a positive mindset to gain more knowledge which is the path to progress and goals in life.

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