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Essay on Journey by Train for Students and Children

Essay on journey by train


The train is one of the most convenient and affordable modes of travel for the majority of people. A journey by train is not only the cheapest but also the most comfortable. Today, distance does not matter. We can now travel to any part of the country by train. Tracks of railway lines are expanding to our entire country.

Indian Railways is the fourth-largest rail network in the world and the second-largest in Asia. Every day crores of people travel by train. The total numbers of railway stations in the country are 7349.

If we want to meet our near and dear ones living far away from us or go thousands of kilometers away from home to work, we travel by train which gives us a fairly comfortable movement.

This train moving hundreds of Kilometers stops at several small and big stations. We get down from the station and proceed to our destination. A journey by train is full of excitement and adventure.

The scene inside a railway station

The scene of the railway station starts from the very front of the station. There are seen crowds in front of the station. Some beggars are seen begging for something bypassing nearby passengers. Beggars are compelled to beg due to poverty.

We all should help and feed them. Outside the station, there are easily seen parking for taxis, scooters, and even rickshaws for passengers to reach their destination.

When we go inside the railway station the scene becomes more interesting. Inside the station, there are heard many noises. We see the train from different stations coming and going out. For passenger benefits, there is a continuous announcement about trains.

The crowds become diminished with the arrival of the train and people take sit in the compartment of the train. There are many compartments in trains like AC, sleeper, and general. Seat numbers are well mentioned in tickets.

My journey by train

Last year I got an invitation card from my friend to join his sister’s marriage ceremony. As marriage ceremony was to be held in Allahabad. Firstly, I tried to book a ticket for Bus. But, due to the Bus strike, I chose to go there by train. I packed all the necessary items in the bag and reached the station.

I reached it one hour before the train arrived. I saw a huge rush inside the railway platform. Seeing it, I became nervous. Almost 30 minutes later the train arrived. As it was my sudden plan to journey, I could not get a reservation ticket. Somehow, I had to get a second-class ticket.

My coolie took me from compartment to compartment. But there was no room. Somehow I entered the general compartment. The train started with a whistle. Now, the train started moving and my boarding station moved backward.

After passing some stations, the crowd on the train became diminish. Now, I could enjoy the journey. Somehow I got a seat.

Explanation of the journey

Now, the train started moving fast. The pleasant wind began to blow. I started watching the scenery outside. The scene outside was so amazing that it seemed the train, houses, and other objects are going backward. There was a greenfield outside the train.

Some little children were grazing their cows and buffaloes. Some children were playing cricket and football and other games. Though, it was hard for me to look out of the window because of the crowd.essay on journey by train However, those entire scenes were giving me much pleasure. The train journey offers the serendipity to stare out the window for countless hours. The train stopped at some station. I saw two people enter the train in black coats. That man in the black coat was the ticket checker (also called T.T.). They were asking the passenger for tickets.

While the ticket checkers were checking tickets, some men in the compartment were found without tickets. They somehow managed to pay double the fine. Again the train started moving at a decent speed.

Some hawkers boarded the compartment. They were selling different kinds of things. Some were selling coffee, teas, and snacks and some were selling toys and stationery items for kids.

They were luring the passenger, especially children to buy. Some children in the compartment vigorously craved buying a variety of snacks and stationery items. Also, I saw that some children were very excited because of the pure pleasure of getting their window seats.

My train reached Kanpur station. There was the greatest rush. After some hours, they took their seat. I saw some senior citizens entering the train. It felt good to see that some passengers offered their seats for them. In that rush, a couple with their kids entered the train and looked for seats.

That couple got a seat opposite me. I started the conversation with them. During the conversation, I got to know that their destination was also Allahabad. It felt good to meet those new people.

Some different inside train

However, there were found some thieves and troublemakers too inside the train. A woman lost her box. A man had his pocket picked. There was started a great noise. Some troublemakers were standing near the door and were blocking the entrance.

People were finding it hard to enter and go out of the train because of them. Seeing that seen had saddened me. At last, the train reached Allahabad. I was glad to see my friend. He himself had come to receive me.


It was a great journey. I got a lot of experience from that journey. I can never forget it. It was a remarkable and exciting journey for me.

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