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An essay on my hobby clarifies that hobbies allow you to explore yourself and realize your potential in different areas.

Essay on My Hobby for Students and Children

HOBBY stands for:





A hobby is the best and most beneficial occupation that gives us happiness.


  • Introduction of my hobby
  • Why everyone must have some hobby?
  • Different kinds of hobbies
  • My favorite hobby
  • Conclusion

Introduction of my hobby

If we use spare time as a recreational pursuit then it is called our hobby. Anything that we do during our leisure hours is a hobby. A hobby is what we do in our leisure hours. If your mind is relaxed and you feel happy doing anything is considered a hobby.

If a person does not have any pleasant occupation during his leisure hours is likely to fall into some mischief works or get bored during that hours. So it is important to cultivate some hobbies.

To bring certain senses of personal enjoyment and keep interested in some activities, people generally have some kinds of hobbies.

A man feels fresh and happy while growing his interest in life. It keeps him energetic in his leisure and provides him recreation. One can also take up his hobby as a career.

Why everyone must have some hobby?

A hobby gives us mental peace, which in turn gives an internal peace, which in turn gives us healthy and wealth. It relaxes our minds and keeps us ready to do any hard work for the next day.

A hobby is that moment of work in which we take interest and derive our pleasure without any lust for profit or pretty gains. It gives us a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

A Hobby is only the platform where it offers you a great opportunity to bring out your hidden talent.

If you use your spare time in the hobby as a pursuit then it could sometimes become your occupation too, which may become a source of extra income in the future. They allow you to prospect yourself and perceive your potential in different areas.

Different kinds of hobbies

A hobby could be anything that depends on someone’s interest. Hobbies can be divided into different categories such as collecting something special, playing games and sports, outdoor pursuits, performing arts, and creating some different.

Someone loves dancing, horse riding, fishing, collecting leaves of different plants, driving, swimming, collecting coins of ancient ages, and more. Someone’s hobby could be writing, singing, photography, traveling, or anything.

Some like to play musical instruments. Some like to read newspapers. Some people like to read various kinds of books as a hobby. There’s no end to this list.

My favorite hobby

Everybody must have some hobby. Our hobby reflects our personality. My hobbies are to reading informative books, the Biography of eminent personality, reading newspapers, collecting quotations, reading magazines, and other valuable books that are full of interest in my free time. essay on my hobbyI collect quotations of great personalities like Mahatma Gandhiji, Chanakya, Kalidas, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Ratan Tata, and other eminent persons. Reading informative books is a very good habit, which makes me perfect.

Reading informative books is a good source of knowledge, encouragement, and information. Reading informative books makes us motivated. It plays a major role to achieve success in our life.

Quotations written by eminent persons motivate us and make us successful people with discipline, punctuality, self-confidence, and civilization. It makes us respectable citizens in society.

It gives us a high level of knowledge, in various fields. No person can feel alone by reading books. While reading books, newspapers, and magazines in my leisure I write down important quotations and informative things in my diary.

I feel relaxed and more fervor after reading the quotations. A disappointed person can get a lot of inspiration and courage through quotations which help him to prepare for doing something new.

I think that a boy or a girl having the age of 18 to 25 starts making their career. They face many difficulties on their way and get discouraged. These qualities play a great role in inspiring them to try and try again until he/she achieves success.

Quotation plays a great role to achieve our goal. The quotations are the experiences of great personalities. If any persons follow quotations written by an eminent personality can never get discouraged in their life.

Conclusion of my hobby

The main aim of the hobby is to minimize the burden on our minds after doing hard work and use our free time in the best possible way by keeping ourselves busy and happy. It is the best way to relax our minds. Everyone should be significantly defined by what they love to do, and by their hobbies.

We should spend our spare time on this work and get delighted with it. In short, my hobby of reading informative books and collecting quotations from eminent personalities makes me feel alive and well.

I hope guys you love to read essay on my hobby and you must have some hobbies.

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An essay on my hobby clarifies that the main aim of a hobby is to lighten the burden of our life and our free time in the best possible way by keeping ourselves.

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