Essay on Summer Vacation-900+Words

Essay on summer vacation for students and children

Summer Vacation -Introduction

Summer vacation is the most awaited time of the year for all kids and students. They enjoy it very much and have fun with their parents, brothers and sisters, and friends. After annual exams are over, all schools and colleges are closed for a long duration.

The holiday for a summer vacation may start from May to complete June or sometimes up to the first one or two weeks of July. As this vacation falls during the summer season for a long duration, it gives much pleasure to children, students, and all ages of people. Especially, children enjoy this vacation in their funny and naughty ways.

Overall, this vacation gives relaxation to the minds and bodies of children after the exams are over which makes them free from the burden of homework hassles every day for some duration. Also, teachers and parents give their valuable time to enjoy themselves with family and do some important work.

Moreover, summer vacation is different from other seasons due to the different types of fruits, vegetables, and cold items (cod drinks, ice) found in the summer season.

Different Ways of spending summer vacation

Children, students, and different classes of people spend this summer vacation according to their ways of interests. Kids enjoy it by pleasures trip from home to the city, Hill station, and other quiet places accompanied by their parents to get over the heat.

Some parents like to visit the beach and enjoy themselves there with their kids.essay on summer vacation Students have much time to make strong in their weak subjects and also apply a tutorial class of what they feel are weak in subjects and try to make it better. They also do extra courses in their favorite things.

Some students and children enjoy playing crickets, football, and other recreational games and sports.

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It is the happiest moment for children and students as they get a long break from their daily lives of being busy with their school work.

Some people like to visit historical and recreational places on vacations.

Some people finish their personal works which was pending for a long time.

Someone makes new habits of reading, writing, and collecting antique items. These habits are great to help not only prove their future but also improve their knowledge and skills.

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Long time for summer vacation

In the summer season, days between the last weeks of April to the first or second week of July month are the hottest day and it reaches its hottest peak point in that time. This is the scorching day of those months. The summer holiday gives relaxation from the heat.

Also, children and students do hard labor for their final exams. After finishing the exam they get free from their study. Also, after doing hard labor for a long time they feel exhausted and are not interested in studying.

This long vacation gives them mental and physical rest and also fills new energy within them.

My summer vacation

As the summer vacations are for a long duration. Some people like to visit the hill station with their families. Because hill stations are the coolest places and give relaxation from scorching heat in comparison to normal places. Some people like to visit historic and famous places.

But, this year I spent my summer vacation in my native village. Enjoying a vacation in a village is different from going to other places.

In summer, in the month of June, there are several fruits grown on trees. Mango, Lychee, Jamun, and other several reap fruits are found this month. Mango is one of the best fruit and is called the king of all fruits.

I enjoyed eating all these fruits. I have a chance to climb on Mango and Jamun trees and pluck the fruits. These fruits are very delicious of eating.

Also, I helped my father and grandfather to work on the farm. This month wheat crops are ready to harvest. I harvest crops and enjoyed it there. I helped my family in my house that was being constructed in the village.

There I met my childhood friend in the village after a long time. I got remembered the old days. I played there Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, and other several sports. That gave me a fresh and energetic mind and also physical fitness. It reminded my childhood.

The summer vacation is really relaxing and energetic for everyone. That is why everyone, tries to make it a memorable day.

Some of the beautiful and famous places

Some people like to go to famous and beautiful places for spending summer vacations with their children and family. It may be hill stations, beaches, tourist places, and other several famous places.

They go to those places according to their family and children’s interests. Because they do it to refresh their children’s minds and improve their knowledge and skills by visiting famous places.

Some of the best beautiful places to spend your summer holiday in India as:-



Kullu Manali

Mount Abu (Rajasthan)

Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra)

East Gangtok (Sikkim)


Kalimpong (West Bengal)

Twang (Arunachal Pradesh)

North -Rishikesh




Matheran (Maharashtra)

Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu)

Munnar (Kerala)



Summer vacation may be interesting, entertaining, and excellent for enhancing skills and knowledge for kids and students if they take proper advantage of this time. It is a much enjoyed day for every Child.

They can get fun, entertain and have a chance to eat their favorite fruits and ice cream. It is the relaxing days after the final exam is over and the long school closure during these vacations.

So enjoy this time and take advantage of reading, studying, and excelling in your skills besides enjoying yourself with your family members.

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