Essay on Terrorism in India-900+Words

Today terrorism is the main issue on the national and international levels. We will see in the essay on terrorism in India how it is a menace to the country

Essays on Terrorism in India for Students and Children

Essay on Terrorism in India


Terrorism is a big menace throughout the world. It is spreading almost many corners of the world today. It includes a group of persons who create violence among ordinary civilians with the use of dangerous weapons.

Terrorism has its aims to spread turbulence and create a state of panic among people.

They are often fanatical-minded persons. It has cowardly activities that dominate and intimidate innocent civilians in the pursuit of political aims.

Their aims are to stop prosperity and interrupt the peace of the country through activities including violence, riots, kidnapping, burglaries, fighting, bombing, etc. Terrorists attack and kidnap innocent people and demand their objectives from the government.

essay on terrorism in indiaCause of terrorism

Terrorists have hostility and brutal mind. Paths of terrorism are only for hate and desire for power. The spreading of it is due to many reasons. Some of them are supported by political leaders also. Leaders of terrorists wash the minds of innocent people and incite them to do harm to others.

Economic differences, inequality in society, lack of education, linguistic difference, social exploitation, rapid population growth, and other social evils are the causes of terrorism.

Some terrorists are compelled to this hell because of distinguishing their caste, religion, and creed. Some use power to prevail in their religions. Some terrorists have radical beliefs for their nation and want to usurp other countries.

The victim of corruption and racism are also causes of terrorism. Also due to the easy availability of dangerous weapons, terrorists use them and show their power.

Some people want to live in luxurious life and want to become part of a high profile. These kinds of thinking compel him to join in terrorism.

Why terrorists are dangerous?

Nobody takes birth as a terrorist. Terrorism is created under compulsion, greed for money, and radical beliefs in religion. We can’t deny it as a cruel activity that shows as a foolish act and which is increasing today at the national level as well as international level.

Terrorism under the support of politics shows its power unambiguously. Their connection to politics is so high that it becomes very difficult for law enforcement agencies to arrest them. These types of terrorism are very dangerous because they are well-trained. They kidnap people and demand their objective ransom of money.

Terrorists having radical beliefs in religion can do anything wrong. They create violence and communal riots. They are not afraid of dying as they think that after their death they can get holy and sacred.

Terrorists massacre innocent people. They destroy the whole family for their personal benefit. Terrorism causes adverse effects on society and personal life.

Effect of terrorism

Millions of goods are destroyed in the terrorist attacks. In terrorist attacks, innocent people are mostly affected. They get lost in their family. The lives of a number of people are lost. They get lost in their homes. These terrorist attacks hamper their financial conditions. Disbelief in humanity gets rises which gives birth to another terrorist.

People get insecure to live in their own country. Who can forget the terrorist attack on 11th September 2001 on the world trade center in America? That incident causes millions of casualties and the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

That terrorist attack was committed by Osama Bin Laden which is considered the largest terrorist attack in the world. That attack shocked the whole world.

Who could forget the terrorist attack in India? On 26th November 2008, 10 terrorists entered Mumbai Taj Hotel armed with guns, rifles, and other dangerous weapons and started firing on innocent people indiscriminately.

That attack was so swift that nobody got a chance to understand. In that attack by terrorists, several people lost their lives and many casualties occurred.

Also, there were several terrorist attacks in India including an attack on parliament in 2002, a Bombay blast in 1993, an attack on the Akshardham temple in, 2003, and other several attacks done by the terrorist.

These all terrorist attacks created fear among the public and caused huge destruction. Many lives of people and animals were lost in that attack. That attack hampered the economy of the country to a great extent.

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India faces problems to fight terrorism

India is known as a peace-loving country. But our country has been always against terrorism and fight to counter it and establish world peace. Our country is known as the largest democracy in the world.

Our country has been always raising its voice to the world to fight against terrorism.

One big problem that faces India is its administration process delay in sentencing terrorists. It has many processes and some political pressure. Also, Due to the involvement of some political issues, terrorists are sentenced after much time. Due to this, some terrorists were hanged but after much delay.

Steps towards prevention of Terrorism in India

Though, the Government has taken several steps to prevent terrorism. With effective coordination between intelligence and security agencies, India is ready to fight against terrorism.

The government has established National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID), Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS), National Investigation Agency (NIA), and Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). These agencies are well-trained and equipped with high security.


No doubt, terrorism is a big problem at the national and international levels. It must be eradicated otherwise it will completely destroy our economy and fear threat among humans. Enforcing agencies should be given full power and include modern technology of arms.

Also, it is our responsibility as citizens of the country to be united and face these growing threats of terrorism. We all citizens must be aware. We must inform to security agency if anything is found wrong in public places.

I hope guys you got to know through the essay on terrorism in India that it is not only a matter of concern for our country but for the international level too.

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