Essay on the India of My Dreams-1000+Words

The India of my dreams will be an ideal country where every citizen would live a decent life. There should be no communal riots, crimes or exploitation. Through essay on the India of my dreams, I hold the view and hope all of you would like it.

Essay on the India of My Dreams for Students and Children

Essay on the India of my dreams

Introductionof India of my dreams

India of my dreams would be a country full of peace of harmony, compassion and happiness. It would be a country where all the people would be educated and responsible for the development of the country. I want India as our motherland to be scientifically advanced and Technology better.

India of my dreams will be a scientifically and technologically powerful and economically developed country where every citizen will live united.

I wish to live in India where all people are respected equally irrespective of their caste, colour, creed or financial status, where women feel safe in society and are respected well.essay on the india of my dreams There shall be no communal violence, crimes or exploitation. In addition, I wish to see India as a place where there will be an abundance of development and growth.

I hold the view for the India of my dream in the following ways:-

In Education

I wish that there would be no uneducated person in India of my dreams. The government, as well as all the other people and entities associated with the education sector, need to understand the importance of quality education.

Education is a holistic process that must focus on the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of all classes of society. Though, there are many steps taken by our government to promote education.

Poverty in India

India of my dreams would be a country where should be no place for poverty. Eradication of poverty would ensure sustainable and inclusive growth of the economy and society. One has to keep in mind that poverty is a menace and needs to be eradicated.

Even though India is about to achieve its millennium development goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, steps should be taken to achieve the goal as soon as possible.

Women Empowerment

In many areas of work, they are discriminated against and men are still not able to give women their due credit. It is high time that society must change its attitude toward women. We need to develop as a society.

The India of my dreams would be a country where women must be respected and liberated. A Woman should not be confined only domestic sphere to ‘home and heart’, but to other professions and making a mark in different fields and on society as well.

Although, women have occupied a pivotal position and have achieved eminence in different fields. This is the era of women.

Casteism and Religious Issues

In India, there are many casts and religions. The India of my dreams would be a country where all people must be respected equally irrespective of their caste and tolerance for all religions and faiths and respect for all socially.


Corruption is the unscrupulous act performed by any person using the power of position illegally to acquire personal benefits. Corruption is a major issue that adversely affects the economy of any nation hampering its growth of a nation.

I dream of India as a country where the full proof of laws should be made so that there is no room for interference from politicians and bureaucrats. The role of politicians should be minimized.

Ministers and officials should be dedicated to their work toward the development of the country. Corruption is a big problem but it can be eradicated with systematic and right efforts.

Scientifically advanced and technology better

I wish that our country must make great progress in science and technology. Technology uses science to solve problems, and science uses technology to make new discoveries.

We would undertake a programme to enhance our scientific and technological capacities on a continuous basis. In other words, we can build our society and nation strong by using science and technology better.

In Agriculture and farmer welfare

Indian farmers depend on government welfare programmes to survive due to the numerous problems they face. They face many problems of natural calamities like floods, droughts and others. Successive governments have implemented many schemes and programmes over the years, but farmers’ distress remains.

The India of my dreams would be a country where agriculture would give special attention and every farmer should be given economic help if he faces loss due to natural calamities.

Government should send a team of volunteers to rural areas for explaining the benefits to farmers and persuade them to apply for the schemes.


There will be no peace and prosperity in the country if jobless people do not get their jobs. More attention should be given otherwise this problem can make jobless to the youth to get on the wrong path and ultimately lead to the country’s downfall.

There is a number of factors that are responsible for high unemployment in India. These are population, availability of land which is limited, present education, and weak industrial growth in the country.

Government should take more initiative to tackle the issue of unemployment in India. In addition, reservation is also an obstacle to unemployment as deserving students lose their opportunity to get jobs in India and they go abroad for higher salaries. There they work for the economic growth of other countries.

The India of my dreams will be a place where everyone would take responsibility for keeping the population in control. All students would get proper education and deserving candidates will get the job first rather than reserved candidates.

No communal violence

India is a land of ‘unity in diversity with people from different religious, social, linguistic and cultural backgrounds living together harmoniously.

The India of my dreams will be an ideal country where there will be no communal violence. Great efforts are required both at the government as well at the community level in order to strengthen the secular fabric of a country.

Prevention of communal violence is essential to keep the secular spirit of the constitution and the glory of the nation.

India must be a superpower country

India of my dreams will be very successful in power, unity and compassion and financially strong. We should consolidate our national unity and ensure our political stability. We shall have a strong military power as strong as any other nation.

We should undertake a positive programme of public health and public education. We vigorously pursue an objective of economic reform and modernization.

We must not in any way reduce our defence, nuclear and missile capacities. We should concentrate our efforts to establish cooperation and working relationships with all neighbours.

Our great power status cannot be assumed only on the basis of our nuclear weapon, missile or military capacities but also is political stability, unity and technological strengths.

No deforestation

Only more prosperity of humans is not enough, the preservation of wildlife and forests is also equally important. For sustainability and to preserve the biodiversity of the earth, deforestation should be prevented. Human greed leads to unbalance in nature.

It will be a beautiful country where all the roads will be clean and there will be fresh air everywhere. There will be greenery all around. I wish there will be no deforestation and people will plant more trees instead.

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The India of my dream will be an ideal country where every citizen would live a decent life. There should be no communal riots, crimes or exploitation. Citizens will not suffer from bad health, hunger or unemployment. In addition, India of my dreams will be a country where women would feel safe and every citizen would feel happy and safe.

I hope guys you like this essay on the India of my dreams.

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