Essay on Women Empowerment-1000+Words

Essay on Women Empowerment enlightens women’s contributions to the nation and today needs their empowerment.

Essay on Women Empowerment for Students and Children

Outlines of this essay:-

  • Introduction of women empowerment
  • Women’s Role in different fields
  • Necessary for women empowerment
  • How to make women be empowered?
  • Conclusion of women’s empowerment

Introduction of women empowerment

Today women need to increase the spiritual, political, social, educational, and economic strength of the individual and their communities. Modern women in the present age occupy top rank and attain immense success in all fields such as Sports, Politics, Performing Arts, Administration, etc.

Women all over the world have proved themselves as dynamic, vibrant, sincere development, and perfect in many fields. Women have the revolutionary energy which can establish paradise on Earth.

essay on women empowerment

The ways, women transformed the lives of their children, transformed the lives of their husbands, transformed the lives of parents, and transformed the lives of people whom they came in contact with are incredibly inspiring and amazing indeed.

One of their angelic qualities, one of the sterling capacities that inspire us is her multitasked. She does not have to take a management degree or management diploma to be able to multitask. In fact, she will by her ability and capacity to handle so much.

They have a tremendous capacity to handle things. Women have the capacity to handle a lot of adversity and trouble. Women’s empowerment plays a crucial role in the development of the nation.

Women’s roles in different fields such as:

Freedom struggle

When India was struggling to become free from the clutches of the British Raj, the women’s community came forward to shoulder the responsibility. The number of freedom fighters such as Sarojini Naidu, Sucheta Kripani, and Vijay Laxmi Pandit played an important role in the struggle for Independence. Rani Laxmibai is the epitome of bravery and courage displayed by women.

Professional and homemaker

Women are actively participating in the personal and professional spheres. In modern India, the role of women is remarkable. Today’s modern and educated women have shed away their inhibitions and fears.

Recently, India has its first three women air force pilots of the country namely, Avani Chaturvedi, Khawana Kanth, and Mohana Singh which is another milestone achieved by women.

Women are perfect homemakers. She cares for her children, husband, and all their family members well. She keeps a strong relationship with their relatives. Every woman is meant to be both a companion and a mother.

In politics and sports

The progress of a country is not possible until women are given equal status. Today, the roles of women are everywhere. Women in politics bring maternal concern to the life of the community since decisions made in the public square have a deep impact on their families.

The country has many eminent female sportspeople like PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom, Sania Mirja, Wrestler Shakshi Malik, and others more have made their presence strongly felt in their respective fields. Women are joining the combat forces in India without any hesitation.

In society

Women are efficient and perseverant enough to face all odds and challenges. They have capacities to handle a lot of adversities and troubles to prove their genius in a male-dominated society.

Women such as Indira Gandhi, Vijay Laxmi Pandit, Kiran Bedi, and many others have proved themselves in all manners better than their male counterparts. These women have attained dignity, individuality, and respect in their respective fields in such an efficient manner that made the whole of society proud of them.

Necessities of women empowerment

Women suffer some of the greatest discrimination and inequalities. Female feticide, domestic violence, early marriages, gender-based discrimination, and discrimination at the workplace are some of the challenges that women are facing even today. In India, women’s empowerment is necessary more than ever.

Basic rights like education, nutrition, and health are luxuries for a lot of girls across the globe even today. Today women have shown their ability to decision-making, hard work, and professionalism in almost every field.

Today women are successful in the roles of professionals, politicians, bureaucrats, etc. But, there are just a few handfuls of women who have been able to make it to the topmost position.

There are a lot of girls in rural areas who drop out of school and end up in employment or doing household chores. Empowerment of women particularly in rural areas is a necessity today.

When girls are educated and empowered, families become happier. When women are educated, they assist the family financially. This helps to break the cycle of poverty for families around the world. So there is a necessity for women’s empowerment.

How to make women empowerment

It is high time that society must change its attitude toward women. In order to make optimum use of our vast woman power, we need to develop society. This needs a radical change in our mental makeup and our social structure.

Their contribution in their respective fields needs to be acknowledged and applauded. On the professional front, they need to be provided equal opportunities as their male counterpart.

There should be proper law and enforcement for the safety of women. Women should get the freedom to make their own decisions. When women are educated they help their families with financial problems too. This is very helpful in breaking the cycle of poverty for families around the world.

Moreover, the education scenario is very regressive here. Proper education would make women empowerment. We must ensure that each and every girl gets her right to education, proper nutrition, and a good health facility.

Many social evils like dowry, illiteracy among women, infanticide of female children, and divorce of women are required to be fully rooted out.

An educated woman is an asset to the country and forms the cornerstone of national development.


Women all over the world have proved themselves as dynamic, vibrant, sincere development, and perfect in many fields. They have a tremendous capacity to handle any difficult situation. Change of social attitude and honesty (on the part of politicians) is a must to make women participate in the building.

Women are running to extremes, taking advanced measures for the progress of the country with their power of mental strength and extraordinary talent. Women empowerment is necessary today for nation-building at a grassroots level.

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Women empowerment is necessary today for nation-building at the grassroots level. Essay on Women Empowerment enlightens their contributions to the nation and today needs their empowerment.

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