Floods Essay-Natural Disasters-600+Words

When additional excessive water cannot be drained in a proper manner, floods occurred. In this floods essay, we will see the causes of it and its control.

Floods Essay for Students and Children

Introduction of Floods

Floods are the overflow of water onto lands, rivers, ponds, and other water bodies. It is one of the most dangerous disasters compared to other natural disasters that badly affect crops, livestock, infrastructure, and human beings. India is highly prone to floods.

floods essay

It heavily destroys public and government properties. Destruction of Agricultural fields is of unimaginable concern because of floods. The occurrence of floods is due to heavy rainfall for prolonged periods or in short durations and the accumulation of excessive amounts of water.

When this additional excessive water cannot be drained in the proper ways, floods can occur. These natural disasters are not recent phenomena and have been occurring due to various reasons.

Overflowing of rivers; breaking down of dams and reservoirs, melting of snow, and a population density which causes deforestations are the main cause of floods.


Heavy rainfall is one of the utmost reasons for floods. If there is heavy rainfall in a short time and there is no proper drainage of water, the accumulation of a large amount of water in a small area causes flooding.

Cloud burst situations are a common cause of floods in Himalayan belt states. In India, cloudburst mostly occurs in the mountains of India where the low monsoon clouds are stopped by High Mountain. Cloud bursts due to excessive condensation in the cloud in a short period of time are capable of causing floods.

Lack of proper infrastructure is also a cause of floods. Many times dam water is released in large amounts. The immense pressure breaks the dam wall and floods the nearby areas leading to the submerged of nearby villages.

Cutting down trees i.e., deforestation is the main cause of floods as trees act as natural absorbers of water and can reduce the impact of floods.

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Due to heavy rainfall, the state of Assam witnesses floods every year. In Bihar, heavy rainfall and the overflow of rivers cause floods every year.

Farmers lost their crops. The state of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu falls under casualties of floods due to tropical cyclones.


Due to heavy rainfall and floods in affected areas, animals and people get lost their properties and lives. Floods cause severe diseases.

After floods, stagnant water causes severe illnesses like Malaria, Dengue, and other health hazards. This may result in the great loss of human beings.

Farmers are affected due to floods as crops get destroyed. Moreover, it causes soil erosion and degrades the quality of the soil. It loses the fertilizers in the soil.

Public Transport is also disrupted during floods, due to which the shortage of food and other supplies increases. This may result in an economic loss for the country.

Floods cause disruption of many essential services such as electricity, gas, and the supply of drinking water. Prices naturally grow higher which affects the common man. Floods also affect wildlife habitats.

Ways to Control

It is not only the government’s responsibility but also as citizens of the country to take initial steps to control floods. The planning of proper infrastructure would be taken.

This can be done by interconnecting rivers, building canals, reduce the obstruction caused by the collection of silts in the river course. We must take action against deforestation and plant more trees.

There should be sufficient storage capacity for rainwater. Drainage systems for excess water should be increased which avoid clogged drains.

Conclusion of Floods Essay

The occurrence of floods every year results in the loss of economic and precious lives of human beings. Flood control and management are essential today to control floods. Though, we cannot prevent natural causes like heavy rain caused by the bursting of clouds and the melting of glaciers.

But we can stop the breaking of dams, proper drainage systems, and infrastructure. Along with NGOs, individual awareness and participation to strengthen the infrastructure will prove beneficial in this direction.

Proper planning and control mechanisms should be put in place for meteorological and geographical factors so that floods can be controlled.

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Meaning of some difficult words:-

Prone- likely to suffer from something or to do something bad. Immense- very big Stagnant- (used about water) not flowing and therefore dirty and having an unpleasant smell. Habitat- the natural home of a plant or an animal. Silt- sand, soil, or mud that collects at the sides or on the bottom of a river. Clogged- to block or become blocked.

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