Speech on Corruption in English-600 Words

The population is the major problem in our nation which leads to unemployment. The population is the birth of illiteracy. We should control the population and needs to provide proper education. Speech on corruption is helpful for students and children who desire to speak on this topic.

Speech on Corruption for Students and Children

A very warm welcome to all the teachers and students present here. It is a great honor to meet all of you here in this auditorium. Today I am going to deliver a speech on corruption. Corruption is a great menace to our country.

It is a hindrance in the path of the development of our country and the individual. It is just like a poison that has been spreading in the mind of the wrong people in society.speech on corruption Corruption is the immoral act performed by a person or a group of people using their power of position or authority to acquire personal benefits. They use the power of their chair to promote unscrupulous and illegal activities which result in corruption.

It refers to a form of crime or dishonesty. Today corruption is a big social evil that is prevailing day by day and our nation gets adversely affected by it. This horrifying experience is not restricted to an individual but, extends to their social life.

There are hardly any places where corruption is not seen. No matter whether it is any sphere of bureaucrats, politicians, public sectors, and religious activities.

Corruptions are seen everywhere. Now the time has gone when the people used to join politics for serving the nation selflessly.

Modern politicians are no longer motivated by lofty ideals. They spend a substantial amount of money with the hope that after being elected they would recover much more than what they had spent.

Some People, who deserve to get a job either in the public sector or any other sector, are paying a huge amount of money to related officers, regardless of meeting all qualifying criteria.

This is due to a lack of their awareness. Every citizen should understand their fundamental rights. Taking and giving bribes are both wrong.

Today kidnapping, looting, nepotism, extortion, bribery, patronage, and other social evils are a form of corruption that results in loss to the weaker section of society.

India is a vast democratic and developing country with a large population combined with illiteracy and poor economic infrastructure, leading to endemic corruption in public life.

The population is the major problem in our nation which leads to unemployment.

We should control the population and needs to provide proper education. The population is the birth of illiteracy. So, our government needs to provide education to every class of society.

If people get educated, they will understand the menace of the population. If we control the population, corruption will get minimized.

The foremost reason for the rising corruption is the total disregard by the people for moral and ethical values. Their feeling of attaining things by anyways, whether wrong or right, has encouraged most of the upcoming generation to adopt corruption

We want to see the India of my dream as corruption-free. If we want to see India as the world leader, corruption must be eradicated as it is the social evil that is the main root of a hindrance to the development of our country.

Government must take concrete and robust action so that there should be no room for corruption. The role of politicians should be minimized.

Today, our governments are stressing digital programs like Digital India, which play a vital role in reducing corruption and everything is now under the supervision of our government. We can eradicate corruption with systematic and right efforts.

It should not only responsibility of the government but also the responsibility of people to understand the value of ethics and morality in their life.

Cooperation of the people needs to be obtained for the successful eradication of corruption. Let us pledge to eradicate corruption from our nation and make it corruption-free our country.

Thank you.

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