Speech on Education in English-500+Words

Speech on Education for Students and Children

Speech on Education

Good morning to my respected principal, chief guest, teachers and all the students present in this auditorium. First of all, I would like to thank my Principal who gave me a chance to deliver the speech in this auditorium.

Also, thanks to all my respected teachers and my dear friends for listening to my speech. I am going to deliver a speech on education which is the most important topic. As all, we know that education is an important part of our life.

If we want to see our nation as a Vishwa Guru, then we must need to educate all classes of society and each person in our country.

An educated individual is one who should be able to contribute to the economic and social development of society as well as to the growth of the nation. Education is a tool that makes us knowledgeable, civilized, aware and well-informed citizens.

speech on educationSkill, knowledge and habits reflect our education. We gain external progressive ideas and thoughts into our internal thinking, which ultimately get reflected in our actions. True education depicts our noble values and characters in society.

India is a vast democratic and developing country in the world. India is a country of diversity in terms of location, casteism, religions, cultures and languages that make it a richness of resources.

These resources are useless without the development of human resources. Human resources development is possible only through literacy.

Illiteracy is the mother of all issues as it causes birth to many other social evils like poverty, child labour unemployment, deprivation of women empowerment, population burst and many more. In India, there is a lack of literacy.

In India, only Kerala states have a high percentage rate of literacy. We must have to increase the literacy rate like Kerala in each state of our country. Then only, we can see India as a dream of the world’s leading country.

Illiteracy is a matter of concern for our country. With the coordination of government, it is the responsibility of every educated person to accept the eradication of illiteracy as a personal goal. With the contribution of each and every educated person, we can make a significant role to eradicate this menace of illiteracy.

Today, we need to focus on women’s empowerment. Women empowerment is possible only if we make each girl educated. An educated girl may become a successful woman.

Though, modern women have a way from their hesitancy and fears. Using their talent, they have shown the world that they are highly equipped to take part in the personal and professional spheres. They are now becoming successful both as homemakers as well as professionals, academicians, bureaucrats and politicians.

Today child labour is a blot on our society. Most uneducated parents think that education is just like an investment in comparison to earning money which they get in the form of their children. People from all sections of society should understand the need for education which is important for the overall development of a child.

It should be the responsibility of a child’s parents to send them to school to get proper education instead of the workplace. Poor people should be made aware of the government’s initiative to provide free education to all children between the age group of 6 and 14 years.

Education can be used to propagate ideas that should be rational and would be in favour of peace, harmony and progress of human society. Education empowers an individual and enables him to make rational decisions.

Only proper education can bring developments in the form of eradication of poverty, rising of employment, removal of social evils, empowerment of women, problem-solving skills and eradication of child labour.

Education helps an individual to make the best use of his talent and explore his capabilities. Today technology has taken the education to next level. Education makes an individual self-reliant.

Lastly, I would like to conclude that an educated person with strong moral values is an invaluable asset to society and the nation. Effective education must include an effort to assess progress in the direction of building good character.

Thank you.

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