importance of reading newspaper

The Importance of Reading Newspaper-1000+Words

The Importance of Reading Newspapers for Students and Children

The Importance of Reading Newspaper


A newspaper is a large folded piece of paper printed with news on various articles like politics, economics, entertainment, business, sports, and much more. It also includes advertisements like job vacancies and articles on various subjects.

Its main aim is to supply news, and information with different views through comments articles, and editorials.

It is printed and sold either every day or every week. It is a serial publication that contains information about current events of special or general interest.

Importance of Newspaper

It plays a vital role in a democratic country like India where public opinion is a major aspect. It is also called the mirror of the world as it involves news about the world where current articles are updated.

Newspaper is an important and effective medium of mass communication where it plays a crucial role in democracy. It delivers information from home to home. It helps us to get to know the world’s current affairs. We get to know about the latest events.

By reading the newspaper, you become better informed through various articles printed in it. You can broaden your perspectives and ideas.

But today, newspaper reading is becoming a dying habit due to the digitalization of everything and the advent of social media. Only the older generations are maintaining the reading habit of the newspaper.

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Importance of Reading Newspaper

Newspaper reading is the best habit for all ages of people. Articles are written it generates curiosity that compels people to read. It helps get acquainted with them not only about one country but all over the world news on one platform i.e., newspaper. We get knowledge here all about education, business, sports, advertisement, etc.

Importance of reading Newspaper:-

Connecting to the world

The newspaper is the one platform where we get knowledge about the world’s current incidents. It keeps us informed about the news such as local, national, and international helping us to become aware of what is happening around us. We get to know the latest incidents happening in the world.

Thus we get connected to the world through these different reliable sources.


Reading newspapers is a very good habit and this habit is very helpful for everyone, especially students. It helps them to increase general knowledge, learn different languages, improve writing and reading skills, improve vocabulary and grammar, and also helps in developing personality.

It covers topics wide-ranging like politics, sports, business, cinema, cookery, and fashion that enhance general knowledge about related sources.

Through short stories, the narration of historical events, religious doctrines, political speeches, legal opinions, and sports news are published daily in newspapers. These are good sources of education.

So, the habit of reading newspapers should be inculcated among children from their childhood.


The newspaper serves a very important role to communicate between the government and the common people. The editor writes about the ties, affinity, and concord between the opposition parties and ruling parties. Government publishes its policies and programs through newspapers and this seeks public opinion in democratic ways.

It keeps an eye on the working of the government and people not only obtain real information about public matters from the news but also highlight its omission and commission.


We get information through newspapers. So, we should read the newspaper to keep ourselves updated with the current affairs of the country as well as the world. It is a huge platform of information where one could get information about the stock market, various political activities, etc. It helps in the development of trade and commerce.the importance of reading newspaper

Moreover, one could get to know about various details like job vacancies, admission notifications in various institutes, various funds of government, scholarships in the country, and abroad, walk-in an interview for jobs, etc.

There is a matrimonial column in the newspaper that provides opportunities for young boys and girls to get their life’s suitable partner.


It is also the best source of entertainment like short stories, Dialogues by cartoons, sports, etc. These are the best sources of entertainment.

Medium of expression

Newspapers can also promote a higher level of thinking. Crosswords, editorials, and in-depth articles on a variety of topics not only provide you with information but also give you an opportunity to reflect on these issues. It forms your opinions and expresses them in letters to the editor which is a public writing form.

The ideal of liberty and equality are expressed by the newspapers and impressed through the medium of the newspapers


The newspaper contains an advertisement section where one can easily promote their brand and products. The readers who are interested in their choice learn about the latest deals and launches which connect them to business.

Also, there is one magazine section in them. In this section, there is a list of the latest books. This section is very important for students when they buy the books of their choice.

Reading of Newspaper Diminished Now

Reading habits of the newspaper gives us many benefits as listed above. However, it now seems to be a dying habit. Only older generations maintain the reading habit of it. But youth seems to be less interested in reading a newspaper. That is why they are not excellent in vocabulary, Grammar, and well pronunciation skills.

What is the reason behind It? If we analyze then we find that the advent of social media and other electronic media diminished the reading habit of newspapers, especially among the youth.

Today advanced technology made everything convenient and visual. Nobody wants to read papers, books, magazines, etc. People prefer to watch the news on TV or on their smartphones instead of reading newspapers. All social sites work on the internet which made it worse.

They are spent too much time on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

With the availability of many apps on smartphones, they eyeball the information, and this is deprived of reading newspapers.

Because of the diminishing of the reading habit of newspapers, they not only deprived of several advantages of newspapers but them turning lazy.

People are becoming addicted to social sites and trust them without fast checking.


Although we cannot ignore the role of social media and other electronic media as they are easily accessible. But we should not forget the benefits of reading newspapers and let us develop the habit of reading newspapers. A good newspaper is the watchdog of democracy.

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