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The Indian Festival Essay(Chhath Puja) or Worship of Sun


India is known for unity in the diverse countries of the world. With a large population, it has various religions, languages, different ethnicity, and different cultural background. It is very proud for us that all citizens live together here.

India is known as the land of festivals. Different communities of religions not only celebrate festivals on the basis of their own beliefs but also these festivals strengthen our bond of relationship and friendship. Forgetting all their bond of religion they enjoy numerous festivals throughout the year.

In India, people even worship nature (Sun, mountains, trees, etc.) which gives us energy, strength, and clean air. Chhath Puja is one of the best examples of it. People worship the god sun with their own reverence and faith. This festival is also known as Chhathi Maiya Puja the sister of the god Sun. This festival is celebrated by Hindu communities

Different kinds of festivals

India has several festivals including national, religious, and seasonal festivals. Furthermore, it has also some regional festivals. Overall we can see that Indian citizens celebrate all festivals with great enthusiasm.

National festivals include republic day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, and others. These festivals are celebrated in the whole country without any caste, creed, or religion. Each citizen of the country with great fervor celebrates these with patriotism.

There are numerous religious festivals which have most important for the people of India. Some parts of the festival like Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, Chhat Puja, Christmas, Eid -Ul-Fitr, Guru Nanak Jayanti, and others. Each people of different religion celebrate these with their own beliefs.

Seasonal festivals are like Bihu in Assam, Pongal in South India, and Basant Panchami in North India and West Bengal. These festivals are celebrated by Hindu communities. Other seasonal festivals are Lohri, Gudi Padwa, Onam, Makar Sankranti, and many others.

Festivals are a huge source of peace and harmony in communities. Festivals refresh people’s behavior by breaking the monotony of life. Even poor people are not left of enjoying festivals

We will discuss the Indian festival essay (Chhath festival)

Chhath Puja festival:-

About Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja is a very popular festival celebrated by Hindu communities. This festival is also known as Dala Chhath or Chhathi Maiya Puja. This festival is fully dedicated to God Surya and goddess Shashthi (also known as Chhathi Maiya).

The goddess Chhathi Maiya is the symbol of the benefactor and protector of children. It is believed that She protects children and assists them during childbirth.

In this festival, god Sun is worshiped for giving energy, prosperity, well-being, and progress to humanity. It is well known to us that Sun is the source of power, energy, and life for our planet.

This festival originated in Bihar state and its popularity in recent years is now spreading throughout the country. Besides Bihar state, it is also celebrated in Nepal and in some parts of Utter Pradesh.

But now other parts of India also celebrate this festival where devotees of Bihar communities live there.

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The mythology of Chhath Puja

As there is no exact origin of this festival found. But according to some ancient Hindu Vedic origin this festival was founded when Draupadi and Pandavas performed it by fasting of god sun and goddess Shashthi and gaining their lost kingdom.

Also, Kunti, the mother of Pandavas offered to pray to god Sun and Chhathi Maiya after they escaped from Lakshagrih. From that day onward Chhath Puja is celebrated.

Another mythology is found when Surya Putra Karna kept fasting for his deity Sun. Karna was king of Anga Desh. He was great a devotee and son of God Surya.

It is also believed that Lord Rama and Mother Sita celebrated this festival after returning to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. People of Ayodhya celebrated Diwali on returning of them.

After six-day of Diwali, they kept fasting for the god Sun and goddess Shashthi (Chhathi Maiya) and established Ramrajya. Mother Sita was blessed with Chhathi Maiya and gave birth to Luv and Kush under their protection.

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When Chhath Puja comes

Chhath Puja comes in the month of October or November after six days of Diwali. According to the Hindu calendar, this Puja falls on the sixth day of Kartik month.

How Chhath Puja is celebrated

Devotees observe fasting during this festival. Fasting for this festival is very difficult among all festivals of the Hindu religion. During this festival, most women keep fast. Men can also have fasting. This festival is known as a women’s festival.

Women worship for their children so that God Sun and goddess Chhathi Maiya may protect their children from all evils and bless them for their long life.

Starting day is known Nahay-Dhoi. On this day women after bathing make veg foods without onions and garlic. They eat it on that day. 2 nd day is known as Kharna. On this day devotees keep fast in the early morning just before sunrise. They keep fasting for whole days without taking food or water. On the evening of this day, they make Prasad of Kheer made of jaggery (gud). They eat it at night and serve it to their family.

3rd day is known as Sandhya Puja. On this day also keep fast in the morning and continue it till the next morning without any food or water.

The place on the bank of ponds or rivers where this festival is celebrated is known as Ghats. On the first day, devotees offer prayer to God Sun and his sister Chhathi Maiya in the evening by standing in the chilled water body or bank of the holy rivers.the indian festival essay This offering of the prayer is known as Arghya (water offering) and concludes the very next day with the same ritual in the early morning.

After completion of Puja in the morning, Prasads are distributed among people. The Main Prasad of this festival is Thekua. Other major Prasads include fruits like bananas, apples, sugar cane, coconuts, and many others. Women who kept fasting break their fast this morning with Prasad and water.

At this festival, kids are seen much excited. They buy crackers and burn them with full enjoyment. They wear new clothes.


Chhath Puja is mostly celebrated by people speaking Bhojpuri and Maithili language. Also, this festival is mostly known as a women’s festival.

This festival is the symbol of power, energy, and prosperity. We worship the sun as God and pray to him to protect us from any kind of adversity.

This festival is a fully Eco-friendly religious festival. This festival gives us the message that we must protect and worship those resources which are beneficial for the planet. Just like Sun, trees are good sources of our life. So we must protect forests.

This festival shows Indian culture, tradition, and faith in God. This festival thus reminds our customs.

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