The Rainy Season Essay-1000+Words

The rainy season is favorable for farmers as they cultivate new Kharif crops like paddy, maize, soya bean, and others. The rainy season essay gives us the importance of it.

The Rainy Season Essay for Students and Children

The rainy season essay


  • Introduction of rainy season
  • Monsoon/rainy season
  • Advantage of rainy season
  • The most amazing thing during rainy season
  • Problems in rainy season
  • Conclusion


The rainy season is also referred to as the monsoon. This season starts after the scorching heat of summer days. People eagerly wait for this season as they suffer from the peak point of hot days in summer. It is a great joyful season for farmers as the optimal rainfall is crucial for new Kharif crop cultivation.

In the rainy season, the rivers and ponds are replenished by plenty of water that has been lost water through evaporation due to heat.

In India, this rainy season also known as the monsoon season generally lies in the middle of June and continues up till September. But its duration is not fixed due to different geographical areas; the rainfall varies in different regions. As per the Hindu calendar, this season is marked as Sawan due to various rituals and customs attached to it.

Monsoon/rainy season

The rainy season known as monsoon is a term derived from Arabic Mausim, meaning season. India has an ocean in the south. Monsoon first reaches Kerala and then spreads over the other parts of the country. In summer the temperature over the Indian landmass is higher than in the neighboring Indian Ocean.

Air temperature on the land’s surface becomes high and expands which causes low pressure and ocean temperature is low which creates high pressure. As there is a temperature difference, it causes a pressure difference.

Air has a tendency to move from a high-pressure region to a low-pressure region. This movement or motion of air is horizontal and is also known as wind. As the atmospheric air is full of moisture rises very high in the sky and is often condensed into clouds.

These wind-carrying clouds strike against mountains and cause rains or if intense heating moisture-laden air rises expands and gets cooled below a dew point then this results in rainfall.

Advantages of the rainy season

India is an agrarian economy country and the agriculture sector is one of the major contributors to the GDP of the country. As India’s agriculture sector is highly dependent on the monsoon. This leaves the farmers exposed to risks of crop failure due to bad weather (either excess rainfall or very low rainfall).

Rainwater during the rainy season is a free source of nearly pure water. Rainwater harvesting refers to the collection and storage of rainwater in storage tanks. The other activities are aimed at harvesting surface and groundwater. It increases agriculture production.

People waiting for a long time during the monsoon /rainy season get relaxed from the scorching heat and feel cleaner, fresher air. Adequate quantities of rain bring a sense of people tranquility and replenish the natural scenes in the manifold.

The most amazing thing during the rainy season

In summer, a rainy day is a day of full enjoyment. When dark clouds cover the sky, people, animals, and all-natural scenes feel very happy. People go out to the canal or the river and sit there for hours. They enjoy themselves there. They sit on their balcony gazing at the rain and munching on spicy items like Pakoras with Chai.

Little children come out and bathe in the rainwater. They float paper boats in the running water.the rainy season essay The farmers go out with their bullocks. They plow their farms. Houses and streets wash off their dirt after falling rainwater and they become shiny when rays of sun fall on them. Also, there is the scene of the rainbow in the sky after the rain.

Everything in nature has a fresh look after rain. The grasses and trees that looked withered in summer’s heat rise its head proudly. Just within a few days, the earth becomes green with grass and green leaves of trees. Within a few days, the whole earth becomes green with grass and corn plants.

Trees become laden with green leaves. The tree’s leaves start moving back and forth when the wind blows. It seems like they are dancing with pleasure.

Animals and birds also enjoy the rain. The frogs make a very pleasant noise after the rain. They begin to croak. The cuckoo starts singing a song while sitting on the mango and other fruit trees.

The scenery of nature becomes very pleasant. The cattle graze on the fields with great pleasure. The peacock also starts dancing. The noise of clouds makes it wild with joy.

Problems in the rainy season

Although rain is considered a social happening, excess rain creates many troubles. After the rain, all the roads, lanes, and streets are covered with mud. It may cause many problems.

We cannot walk without spoiling our clothes. Everybody feels uncomfortable for some time. All Roads are full of water and if there is no sufficient drainage of water that may lead to traffic jams and hindrance to people’s daily routines.

Heavy rain badly impacts crops as it causes floods which destroy the Kharif crop. Excessive rainfall caused floods like the Kedarnath flood in the state of Uttarakhand. All hard-worked done by farmers become in vain due to the flood. Due to heavy rains, all streets and lanes are accumulated mud water. Thus, a person becomes bored and inactive.

During the rainy season, many insects are born. The fields get full of ants. We can see grasshoppers, snakes, earthworms, and other insects. These sometimes harm human life.

Acid rain is a major problem due to which farmers get their crops spoiled and the level of toxicity in the air increases which causes more harm to all creatures when it reaches down.

In the rainy season, many diseases like dengue and malaria spread rampantly. These diseases are very harmful and sometimes cause death.


The rainy season is a fully enjoyable season. People get relaxed from the humidity and scorching heat day. This season is favorable for farmers as they cultivate new Kharif crops like paddy, maize, soya bean, and others. But we cannot deny excessive rains cause floods and other many problems which may cause hazards.

It is better to harvest the rainwater because harvesting through rainwater not only saves the earth from becoming barren but also helps farmers to continue the cultivation process even under lesser rain and drought conditions.

Also, planting more trees and building more dams are better ways of controlling and harvesting rainwater.

I hope guys you love to read the rainy season essay.

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