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The Winter Season Essay for Students and Children

The Winter Season Essay


In India, there are mainly four seasons. These seasons are winter, spring, summer, and Rainy respectively. The winter season is one of the different seasons. This season generally begins from mid of November and continues till February and sometimes till the end of March month. It reaches its peak time in the month of December and January, which are the coldest days during the season.

This season is very dry and mostly chilly and some of the days are very unpleasant and cold also. Apart from the chilly days during this season, there are some festivals like Christmas, New Year, Saraswati Puja, Makar Sankranti, Holi, and others festivals that give enthusiasm to people.

The highlight of the winter season

This season lingers for about three months in our country when we feel too much cold. We wear jackets or woven sweaters, and woolen hats in this season to preserve our bodies from the cold.

People eagerly wait for sunlight as it gives warms their bodies. Many people burn wood and paper on roads, street corners, and other places to get themselves a little warm. They fancy sitting by the fire or heater throughout the day.

In winter, it is the very hardest time in the morning to get up. The night is long and the day is short as the sun rises a little late or is almost not seen due to fog. Also, the sun sets early in the evening. Thus, the day seems short and the night seems long.

We cover ourselves with the quilt and remain to lie comfortably on the warm bed. The water is very cold and to get warm water we use freshwater from a hand pump or tap. But when we washed, our hands become numb and we go to the fireplaces to warm our hands and rest part of our bodies.

The farmers are very happy to work on their farms in the open sun. They face trouble in winter as they have to get up in the early morning to work on their farms.

In winter the sun rises late and sometimes whole days are not seen. If the sun’s rays are hot and the wind is calm nobody likes to go inside the house. Noon is a pleasant time when we get our bodies warm from the sunshine.

In the very evening, cold wind blow, and the atmosphere again becomes cold. The farmers return to their homes. The children return to their houses after playing in the open sun. All the doors and windows are kept shut down to prevent the entry of cold wind. Everybody likes to sit near a fire or heater or other hot places.

Wool and cotton is the most comfortable thing which keeps us warm. At night the blanket and quilt give us very warm and comfortable. Of course, it is troublesome to move anywhere and touch water is very as it is bitter cold.

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Challenges of the winter season

The winter season is not good for everyone. This season creates huge problems for all the homeless people, beggars, stray animals, and people who live in hilly areas.

The farmers, homeless people, and animals are most affected by this season. It interrupts business, and transport as many flights become canceled.

People belonging to rich or middle families have enough warm things like woolen clothes, jackets, blankets, quilts, etc. They don’t feel much cold due to sufficient warm things and heaters.

But the people belonging to the poor cannot buy warm things and have a hard time surviving in winter. Beggars have to face bitter cold days and they have not even a piece of cloth on their bodies. Many people and beggars die in this season due to the unavailable of warm things where common and rich people walk with enough warm things.

The poor people and beggars shiver from the cold. We all should distribute warm clothes, and blankets to these destitute people.

We get heard the news that roads are blocked due to heavy snowfalls in the hilly areas and heavy fog in some states. Due to snowfall, it is very difficult to walk on the road and drive vehicles.

Also, fogs create obstacles to driving cars, bikes, buses, trucks, etc. Due to fog there are many accidents on the road occur. This bad news saddens us. In European countries, people face massive snowfalls or blizzards during winter.

But it is only in our country India where people balance in any weathers.

Benefits of the winter season

After suffering from scorching heat in the summer season and enough rain in the rainy season, we feel fresh in the winter season. One most important benefits of this season is that we can digest easily our meals in spite of taking a lot of food. There beings little chance of stomach problems and also, no chance of dehydration in our bodies.

Despite being shivering cold in this season we can enjoy eating different types of vegetables and fruits.

The number of vegetables includes cauliflowers, peas, carrots, capsicums, cabbages, and others.

People get the chance to eat fresh grapes, apples, carrots, kiwis, strawberries, plums, guavas, and more.

Moreover, so many beautiful flowers bloom in our garden such as roses, orchids, dahlias, etc. which makes winter even more beautiful than it already is.

People don’t fall sick much as compared to summer and other seasons. Dewdrops in the green field look like a pearl. This season is very essential for farmers too.

Why it is some of my favorite seasons.

By the way, I like the spring season most but there is something due to which I like this season too. Although, in this season it is very hard to wake up early in the morning, however, I wake at 6 o’clock. The water is very cold at this time, so I get fresh water from the hand pump or tap. After that, I go to the Heater or sit near the fire. After warming my body I go running with my dad in the morning. Dewdrop on the flower gives us pleasure. I love seeing blooming flowers.

The other thing is that we get a long winter vacation from school. So I stay put inside the blanket in the morning and finish my homework while sipping a cup of coffee.

Also, there are so many cultural events and festivals happening at this time such as book fairs, Christmas, Saraswati Puja, Makar Sankranti, Holi, etc.

Also, in school, there are many sports and games organized, I love to play cricket, bally ball, football, table tennis, and badminton because these games are beneficial for fitness as well, to warm the body.

People living in hilly areas enjoy various activities like snowball fighting, building snowmen, ice hockey, and more.the winter season essay

We like hot drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.


Overall, the winter season is also useful for farmers like in other seasons. As this season interrupts our daily work but we cannot get too tired at work. We can help those homeless people, stray animals, and needy people by distributing warm things and feeding them.

We sit in the open sun which gives us energy and freshness. On the whole, the winter seasons are not bad for all people as the summer.

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